I have felt your wings!

I have felt your wings. Right now and it was only a brief moment in time. Almost like a touch of smell, like a little breeze. I have smelled your scent all over. It came to me from behind my neck and as I turned around you were gone, no longer there.

I could not see you but I could feel you. I closed my eyes and turn around once more to thought about the day before yesterday. At those times you where still there. Your smell swirling around me once again and even more making things hum your wings swinging with a big swing over my head. This certainty, this feeling, doubtlessness in a matter of course like formerly when you have been there, day by day. Just there with and by me.

It felt like checking that everythings goes right, looking if Mistress is matching things without me. Just a short look around and then I am back away. I know my dear, you have much to do and of course a lot of new leisure activities. Thus, please do only tell the other that we are well done and everything is fine. Luna can swim now and Millow responds to his given name. These are great things I just wanted to say to you briefly.

Fly my angel and care of others, all the new souls and the countless more for whom with a life given to short on earth! All of you are always business up there! The many poor souls from the sea of tears in which swimming is not well for behavior. The big lawn, the ease inside, the light and the rainbow. It is wonderful to have this certainty and I have to thank you for your visit at all.

I am glad that you are there, that you are still been now I know because I have felt your wings and smelt your smell!


(c)Severine Martens and http://www.fabelschmiede.de

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