I have sensed your wings

I have sensed your wings. Just now and it was just an instant. A touch of smell, similar to a short back draught, almost a little breeze and I’ve smelled your scent. It came from behind and when I turned around you were not there anymore!
I could not see you, but could sense you before trying to spot you. I’ve closed my eyes, turned around again and remembered the day before yesterday. By then you were still around. Your smell fluctuating around me again and your wings taking to the air with a big swing above my head. This certainty, just a feeling and just as a matter of course – nearly as it used to be when you were still here every day. Just being here!

Just checking if everything is in good order and looking if your mistress manages all right on her own. Just checking and then gone again! I know my Dear, you’ve got lots of things to do and many new functions. Tell the others that we are fine! Luna knows how to swim by now and Milow answers to his name. These are great things which I just wanted to let you know.

Fly my Angel and take care of the other ones, look after all the new ones and the abundance of those who had a very short life on earth. There is lots to do up there all the time! All the poor souls coming from the Sea of Tears where one cannot swim in.

The large meadow, the lightness, the brightness and the rainbow. It is wonderful to have this assurance and I thank you for your visit.

It is pleasing that you are around as I’ve sensed your wings and smelled your scent!


(c)Severine Martens and http://www.fabelschmiede.de

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von Severine Martens,
Manuela Kinzel Verlag, Dessau/Göppingen,
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Translation by: Andrea Stichling, Kapstadt/Soweto, South Africa